Free Trade mark Searching

What is restricted to register as a trademark?

  • Country names, national flags, government signs, famous building names and graphics; such as five-star pattern and red flag
  • Words that are deceptive and are likely to cause the misunderstanding of the quality, characteristics, or product; such as best of the best, perfect
  • Ethnically discriminatory words
  • Words that are harmful to socialist morals or have other bad effects; such as kill them all or streak

Why is it a must to run a trademark preliminary search?

For all submitted trademark applications, the government will not refund application fees even though your application has been officially rejected.

The examination periods generally takes 3 to 12 months depends on the applied jurisdictions. Many trademark applicants have used their marks before receiving the official rejection of the application. It is expensive to ask them for changing the brands, also to modify all promotional materials and products with the trademark.

If the applicants decide to use the rejected marks, there is a high chance of infringing the trademark rights of other companies.

How can BKCS help you before submit your trademark applications?

Once you confirmed the services of charges of the required trademark services, the consultants will run a preliminary trademark search within Two working days. However, there are certain of jurisdictions do not share the trademark databases via online platform that we cannot offer the searching services. A preliminary trademark search report allow our clients to understand the potential risk of the coming applications and you reserves the right to suspend the further process without any charges if the report has shown earlier marks or similar marks which will effect on the trademark registration.

It is time to provide your trade mark to us for a free initial searching result.